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Devdas Vattappara is a writer, mentor, international trainer and meditation Trainer. Expert in business planning and strategies, Innovative business ideas, authored Psychology of selling, Success through NLP, Family counseling (self help interactive training material), smart learning methods etc. He is always goal oriented and has a never give up attitude. He also works as a business adviser to many multinational companies

He always keeps his missions and visions clear and he tries to achieve the best in it. He is trained from many masters different parts of the world. He has completed Health Inspector course. He was sculpting as a trainer through Junior Chamber International and many other institutes. Also he has his hands set on Psychotherapy. He trains many other trainers in the same way to continue his way of training.

Books By Devdas Vattappara

വിൽപനയുടെ മനശാസ്ത്രവും ഹിപ്നോട്ടിക് സെയിൽസ് ക്ലോസിങ് ടെക്നിക്കുകളും.

Vilpanayude Manashasthram


Mentally, physically and spiritually to help in finding out a human’s talent and use it properly.

To create a empathic, lovable, healthy and a wealthy human life


To conduct personal development programs across the globe.

To conduct health development and wellness, mindpower developing programs etc

To help differently abled people to come forward and support them to bring out their talent.

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